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At Open Mind Modalities, we strive to help treat a patient’s physical, physiological and spiritual condition related to a disease or disorder causing pain. We use traditional Chinese medicine to help prevent, control and relieve side effects of medical disorders. While we treat both child and adult patients with a variety of symptoms, we specialize in treating children. From the moment patients walk in the door, we will provide a welcoming, comfortable and caring atmosphere for not only their treatment but also their family. We will do everything in our power to make each appointment as painless as possible.

We are a bridge between Eastern and Western medicine. One of our main treatment services involves acupuncture. Both the National Institute of Health (NIH) and the World Health Organization (WHO) recognize acupuncture as an effective treatment for a wide variety of medical disorders and symptoms. Upon scheduling a consultation, we work with the patient’s doctors to review the symptoms and overall health condition to determine if acupuncture is the best treatment for the patient. Not only do we focus on the patient’s overall condition and life, but also the entire family’s quality of life.

Our Services

Our services at Open Mind Modalities involve a variety of treatment methods based on traditional Chinese medicine. The most common treatment methods we offer include acupuncture, herbal therapy, acupressure, massage, moxibustion and cupping. It is important to note that with each treatment, we will update and change the components to match the patient’s condition by developing individual treatment plans for each patient. While the treatment plans may use similar methods, each person is unique and may require slight changes to the plan. Our services can adapt to each patient and provide personalized care for each situation. We will listen to each patient’s concerns and utilize traditional Chinese medicine to help ease the patient’s recovery process. Since we specialize in treating children, we understand the need to create not only a welcoming atmosphere for the child’s comfort but also the family’s comfort during treatment. For more information on our services and to see if they will work for you, give us a call at (949) 229-4033.

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Our Team

Our team at Open Mind Modalities will work to provide each patient with as peaceful and comfortable an experience as possible. We understand that struggling with a health condition of any intensity can make life difficult. Since we treat both children and adults, our practice provides a warm and welcoming environment for patients of all ages and their families. Under the leadership of CHOC Children’s Clinical Director of Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture, Dr. Ruth McCarty, DACM, L.Ac., we work to establish a place of healing for more than the main ailment in patients. Our team includes members with expertise in acupuncture, treating patients who have cancer, pain management, cupping, acupressure, herbal therapy and more. Our treatment can include guidance and advice that motivates a healthier lifestyle after the initial treatment. During the examination and consultation, we listen to the concerns and worries of our patients and their loved ones. We understand that each patient may experience similar symptoms, but may have a different reaction. Thus, our team will help accommodate the patient’s needs to help manage those symptoms and lead a better life following treatment.

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At Open Mind Modalities, we provide treatment in a welcoming and comfortable atmosphere. During the initial consultation, we examine the patient’s health history and the patient’s current condition. We will also perform a comprehensive intake and exam so that we can identify the patient’s primary symptoms. The first meeting will take about an hour, followed by subsequent visits that can range from 45 minutes to an hour. Since we work primarily with children, we know how to keep these meetings comfortable and calm. Using the information we gather, we can identify the symptoms and customize the necessary treatment plan. We strive to understand how the symptoms are impacting other aspects of their life in order to help patients and their families deal with the pain. During the process, we will go over all steps and answer any questions the family may have. We will make sure that our patients and their families understand what the treatment is and why we choose this course of action. With the treatment plan in place, we will help patients and their families begin the healing process toward a better and more comfortable life.

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