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Open Mind Modalities

My daughter Courtney is currently post-concussive with her worst symptom being chronic migraine. She has tried numerous medications and the ONLY thing that has worked for her pain and nausea is acupuncture and cupping.

Ruth, Judy, and Annie have become like family- cheering Courtney on and encouraging her in all aspects of recovery.

I have learned that depression is a huge component/symptom of post concussive patients and I can only surmise that the reason my daughter has not suffered from depression is acupuncture's positive effect on her brain chemistry.

Our entire family is so thankful to Ruth and her staff for offering my 17 year old baby girl HOPE!! My husband and two older daughters have also taken accompanied me to appointments to witness the wonderful treatment Courtney receives.

Lastly- when talking about what we are/were thankful for on Thanksgiving, my daughter said- RUTH JUDY ANNIE CELESTE DEBBIE and MARTA !!!!

Open Mind Modalities has changed the way our family views medicine and health care and we are FOREVER GRATEFUL!

Open Mind Modalities

My name is Donnikah Khamo. I am Kara Khamo's mother. I want to express my deepest gratitude to Dr. Ruth McCarty and her dedication to seeing patients at CHOC. We were about six months in through treatment when we first met Ruth. Kara was inpatient for a stem cell transplant and was having a really difficult time with the side effects of her high-dose chemo. She was in pain, constantly nauseous, and simply miserable. Nothing helped her - no opioid, benzodiazepine, antiemetic and other distractions did not last long enough. I'll never forget the first time Ruth laid hands on Kara. She brought her special cream, gave Kara a little acupressure, and played relaxing music. Once Kara decided Ruth could be trusted, she let her guard down and even allowed her to provide a little acupuncture! This was the first time Kara had any relief in DAYS. Even our nurse noticed it and commented that maybe Ruth should linger a little longer since she saw how much it was helping. We continue to see Ruth every time we're inpatient and Kara looks forward to her "Chinese Doctor Ruth" time. As someone with experience in the medical field as well as being of Asian descent, I know and can fully appreciate the benefits of Chinese Medicine. My uncle practices Chinese Medicine in AZ and when he heard CHOC offered this, he was thrilled! We also continue to see Ruth outside the hospital and I can't express enough how tremendously its helped Kara with her queasy stomach, anxiety and neuropathy and overall well-being. Chinese Medicine is a MUST for anyone suffering from cancer or a chronic disorder. It's made a difference in Kara's quality of life and Ruth's added TLC towards her patients is the cherry on top.

Thank you Ruth for all that you do for our SuperKids!

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