Treat Constipation with Acupuncture in Orange County

While patients visit us to use acupuncture for treating a variety of health issues, some patients visit us for acupuncture in Orange County to treat constipation. Constipation is a serious problem that millions of people struggle with on a daily or weekly basis. While the level of constipation can range from mild to severe, it is going to lead to discomfort.

Over-the-counter laxatives can ultimately lead to long-term dependence and make the problem worse. It is far better to visit us for acupuncture and try to promote overall healing of the G.I. tract so that constipation can be solved and eliminated in the long-term.

Signs of constipation

  • Inability to have a bowel movement
  • Incomplete elimination
  • Hard stools
  • Pellet shaped stool
  • Excessive gas
  • Foul-smelling stool
  • Regular bloating
  • Not having a bowel movement on a daily basis

Many people are unaware that these are signs of a problem. In fact, a lot of people deal with these issues and find them to be a nuisance but are unaware that they are actual health problems. People may not even realize that we can address some of these issues with acupuncture.

Reasons to treat constipation

Constipation is not just a nuisance. It is an actual health problem that does need treatment. When the body is unable to properly dispose of waste, it is not able to remove the toxins the body needs to flush out. Those who remain constipated on an ongoing basis are living with toxic waste inside the body.

This can lead to a variety of health problems and make it difficult to feel well or healthy. Even if it does not lead to a specific condition, the person's overall quality of health and wellness can begin to deteriorate due to an inability to dispose of this waste.

Acupuncture in Orange County can help

We do not recommend the ongoing use of laxatives and medications to treat constipation. Instead, we recommend visiting our office so that we can conduct an examination and perform acupuncture. This is an ancient medicine that is proving to be incredibly effective for treating a variety of health problems, including improving how well the bowels function. Thus,  patients visit us for constipation and even for irritable bowel syndrome.

Since this is a non-medicated and non-surgical treatment solution, it is a good option for anyone to try, regardless of their current health or any other conditions they are struggling with. In fact, this can be a better option than medication because there is no risk of negative interference with other medications that patients are taking.

Lasting changes versus a quick fix

We also like to encourage patients to look for medical solutions that are going to fix the problem long-term. Laxatives can be a quick fix to generate a bowel movement but they are not going to do anything to improve a person's health and prevent constipation in the future. These quick fixes lead to the need for another quick fix and another after that. Taking laxatives can put someone on a cycle of always needing laxatives in order to have a bowel movement. In this way, the quick fix can often lead to long-term problems.

Our approach is different. We are interested in helping to promote overall health and wellness so that in the long-term, our patients can have bowel movements without needing medical aids or assistance. Ultimately, this is more beneficial for a person over their lifetime.

Schedule an appointment for help

If you are tired of being constipated or dislike the discomfort associated with occasional constipation, call us for help. We will be happy to use acupuncture in Orange County to provide relief and promote long-term health.

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