Management Of Cancer Pain Requires Flexibility

Management of cancer pain is vital to a patient's ability to maintain a sense of well-being while fighting this terrible disease. An oncologist is going to be focused on beating cancer and rightfully so. They have a tough job, needing to manage the right number of treatments to ensure that a patient can stop the spread of cancer and then hopefully eliminate cancerous cells. Their myopic focus is absolutely necessary but it often leaves patients suffering from pain caused by the cancer itself or the treatments that are necessary to save their life. For this, it can be better to visit our office for help instead of speaking with the oncologist only.

Alternative solutions

An oncologist is likely to prescribe some form of pain medication. However, it may be nowhere near sufficient to truly manage the cancer pain. Many people visit us because their current pain medication only takes off the edge, rather than actually reducing and managing the pain to the point that they can enjoy life or engage in daily activities. If this is the case, it is important to visit us for management of cancer pain. No one should have to live with such severe discomfort while also fighting for their life. We feel quite passionately about this and work diligently to ensure that our patients can have an improved quality of life where the pain is not an everyday occurrence.

Customized solutions

Each one of our patients is different, the cancer they are fighting is going to impact their body differently from the next patient. We understand this and are focused on providing patients with customized solutions that are going to work for their needs at that point in time. This is an incredibly important point to make. Even if a cancer pain management program is in place, it may not continue to work as the cancer progresses or treatment methods change.

It is important to remain observant and responsive to these changes to ensure that management of cancer pain can be as effective as possible. Sticking with the same plan for prolonged periods of time can result in frustration so it is something that we do not do. Instead, we adjust as is necessary to ensure our patients remain comfortable.

Clear communication

When helping patients with the management of cancer pain, we are focused on providing clear communication and answering questions in detail. This is necessary to ensure that our patients feel incredibly comfortable with our recommendations, the process and what can be expected from their treatment plan.

Visit us, even if other methods have not worked

We encourage cancer patients not to give up hope but to visit our office to learn about alternative methods for managing pain. Even if things have not worked in the past, that does not mean that there is no hope. It only means that the right pain management treatment has not been identified yet. We can help.

Schedule an appointment

To ask questions and to discuss how we can help to manage cancer pain, call and schedule an appointment with our office today.

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