Acupuncture For Pain: A Modern, Yet Ancient, Solution

Each year millions of Americans are finding that there are alternative remedies to their acute pain. One of the most common modalities that is being used is acupuncture for pain. This is because many patients no longer want to suffer from the long-term effects of chemicals going into their bodies. Additionally, there is an increased fear of addiction with opioid painkillers; and acupuncture is a safe and reliable way to deal with pain, that has been around for thousands of years. More and more evidence is being found that these ancient methods are actually highly effective in dealing with situations like pain, nausea and other elements that are traditionally treated in the Western medical fields by using chemical drugs.

Treating pain

In Western medicine, the typical way that doctors treat pain is by prescribing pain medication. This can be in the form of over-the-counter medication or medication that can only be obtained with a prescription. In more severe cases, people who are admitted to the hospital are given pain medication directly into their veins using an IV. However, as is clearly demonstrated by the news all around us, these medications have consequences.

Anytime a patient puts anything chemical into their body, there are going to be unintended consequences. An ongoing opioid epidemic has resulted, largely, from the over prescription of pain medicines. Acupuncture for pain is a great alternative. It allows the patient to treat their pain without any risk of side effects or possible addiction.

Ancient art and science

The ancient Chinese figured out that the body has certain energy flows, and that when these energies close or become blocked it leads to pain. As a result, using tiny needles, Chinese acupuncturists can relieve the flow of energy and make sure that the patient no longer suffers from the pain. This is the theory that drives modern-day acupuncture for pain.

It is important to note that acupuncture is as popular in China today as it was in ancient times because acupuncture for pain is one of the most effective ways of relieving certain kinds of pain. An acupuncturist has to be trained on the energy flows and where the acupuncture needles can be inserted in order to relieve any blockage. It is an art and a science.

Best alternative

For many people, acupuncture for pain may actually be the best alternative. Modern medicine often offers patients a very limited scope of how they can deal with acute pain. Typically this involves taking medications, or even having surgeries that could result in more complications. As people look for healthier, more holistic and natural answers, many patients are turning towards the best alternative for pain management. This often includes all kinds of therapies like acupuncture for pain.

Find out more

If you or a loved one has been suffering from long-term pain because of a condition like cancer, sports injuries or any other disease that has left you, or a loved one, in a great deal of pain, maybe now is the time to explore what acupuncture for pain treatment and management can do for you. Give us a call to schedule an appointment, or come in to see us and start your treatment today.

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