Acupuncture for Infertility

Acupuncture is an ancient Chinese medical practice involving the use of thin sterile needles inserted into specific points in the body, regulating the way the body functions. Even though acupuncture has been practiced for thousands of years, it has gained popularity in recent years and is now more commonly used.

How can acupuncture treat infertility?

Physicians believe increased blood flow boosts fertility by stimulating ovaries, which allows them to produce healthy eggs, while strengthening the endometrial lining in the uterus. This helps ensure that the eggs stay attached and improves the chances that they will be held to term.

Acupuncture is said to relax the uterus and prevent contractions, which in turn allows the blood flow to increase and the embryo to successfully implant.

In an interview with WebMD, acupuncturist Ifeoma Okoronkwo, MD, a medical professor at NYU, said that acupuncture has a calming effect that increases the body’s sense of well-being, allowing it to accept the creation of life.

Okoronkwo added that by placing needles at key points linked to the reproductive organs, acupuncture increases the flow of energy from areas of abundance to deficient areas, which increases fertility.

When should you start acupuncture treatments?

The answer to this question depends on your age. Doctors recommend that women over the age of 40 should have a basic fertility workup before beginning acupuncture treatments. This is because they have reached a certain age where they could have structural problems that would require traditional medicine to fix, which would render acupuncture treatments useless.

If there is damage and the structural problem is caught early, doctors recommend starting acupuncture treatments before and after embryo transfer if you are using in-vitro fertilization (IVF).

For women in their early 30s, doctors recommend starting acupuncture treatments first before trying other fertility treatments because if it works, it will save you money that you would have spent on more expensive fertility treatments.

When should you stop acupuncture treatments?

Studies show that most miscarriages occur within the first three months of a pregnancy, so it is recommended that you should continue receiving treatment for the first 12 weeks of your pregnancy to help prevent a miscarriage.

How much do acupuncture treatments cost?

The costs of acupuncture treatments vary depending on the length of the treatment and the person performing the treatment. It can cost anywhere from a few hundred dollars to over $1,000. Even though many insurance companies cover the costs of treatment, some do not, so make sure your policy covers it if you do not want to pay out of pocket.

What risks are associated with acupuncture?

The risks are minimal when undergoing acupuncture treatments for infertility, but there is a risk of miscarriage if the needles are applied to the wrong points, which is why doctors recommend that you go to a licensed acupuncturist who specializes in dealing with infertility.

While it isn’t mandatory, it is recommended that you see an acupuncturist who has a working relationship with your doctor, which will make it easier for them to establish a treatment regimen.


Acupuncture treatments offer a safe and less expensive fertility option for women trying to get pregnant, which is why it is becoming very popular. If you have fertility problems, you should consider going in for treatment.

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