Acupuncture Benefits for Pregnant Women

Acupuncture benefits extend to pregnant women. When pregnant, women are concerned about their health and rightfully so. This is the season of life when more physical change is taking place in it than any other time in an adult woman's history. Within the span of 40 weeks, a new life is created and then not fully formed until a baby is born. These changes can range from a serious increase in the production of blood to how a woman's hips soften in anticipation of the birth.

Changes take place all over the body and sometimes the body has a difficult time handling them. Receiving ongoing prenatal care is incredibly important during the entire pregnancy to ensure that if something does go wrong, a physician can recognize and treat the problem. Still, traditional Western medicine is not a solve all. Sometimes, it is also beneficial to receive alternative medical treatments to improve overall health and bodily function. Acupuncture is one of those treatments.

Pregnant women who have never considered acupuncture should -

#1 Research the benefits

#2 Schedule a consultation with our office

#3 Give it a try - there is nothing to lose!

Some women benefit from acupuncture when trying to conceive

It is also important to note that many women can benefit from visiting our office before becoming pregnant. In fact, there have been women who have struggled to conceive a baby because of something as simple as her body temperature is too low. Acupuncture benefits can include regulating body temperature which may make it possible to have a full term pregnancy for women who previously had difficulty conceiving or have struggled with miscarriages.

We recommend visiting our office for acupuncture before trying more expensive therapies like in vitro fertilization. If a woman is having a problem conceiving or maintaining a pregnancy because of an imbalance within the body, acupuncture may be able to help this and more expensive therapies may become unnecessary.

Pain relief

Pregnancy can be very uncomfortable. With all the changes taking place in the body, some women experience pain and discomfort throughout their pregnancies. Since taking prescription pain medication is unwise, these women may live with the pain or need to seek alternative treatments. Acupuncture can help with pain management and pain relief. By helping to rebalance the body, we help our pregnant patients to be more comfortable.

Improving health and an overall sense of well-being

Acupuncture benefits also extend to improving a person's sense of well-being and overall health. We recommend acupuncture on a regular basis for pregnant women to ensure that they continue to feel healthy and rejuvenated as much as possible throughout their pregnancy. This can help to increase a woman's satisfaction while pregnant and even to make it easier to recover after the baby is born.

Schedule a consultation

If you are pregnant and wanting to know how acupuncture could help your particular situation, call and schedule a consultation. We can conduct an examination, discuss your needs and concerns and then recommended a treatment plan that will help you to feel your very best and remain healthy during the pregnancy.

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