Treat Constipation with Acupuncture in Orange County

While patients visit us to use acupuncture for treating a variety of health issues, some patients visit us for acupuncture in Orange County to treat constipation. Constipation is a serious problem that millions of people struggle with on a daily … Continued

Traditional Chinese Medicine Options

Whatever your ailments may be, Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) can help. TCM is a branch of medicine that integrates physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health to find the best healing approach for illnesses and/or to provide preventative care. TCM encompasses … Continued

Fertility Acupuncture Can Support a Healthy Pregnancy

Fertility acupuncture can be an incredibly effective and a natural way to increase a woman's fertility, making it possible to become pregnant and to sustain a healthy pregnancy. While most people do not consider acupuncture when thinking about fertility treatments, … Continued

Signs that You Can Benefit from Acupuncture for Anxiety

Patients often visit us for acupuncture for anxiety. Anxiety is an incredibly common condition that impacts over 3 million people on an annual basis. While anxiety used to only be associated with people who were in high-pressure jobs such as … Continued

Acupuncture Benefits for Pregnant Women

Acupuncture benefits extend to pregnant women. When pregnant, women are concerned about their health and rightfully so. This is the season of life when more physical change is taking place in it than any other time in an adult woman's … Continued

Management Of Cancer Pain Requires Flexibility

Management of cancer pain is vital to a patient's ability to maintain a sense of well-being while fighting this terrible disease. An oncologist is going to be focused on beating cancer and rightfully so. They have a tough job, needing … Continued

Cancer Acupuncture is For Everyone

For anyone who has cancer or a loved one with cancer, considering cancer acupuncture is a wise move. When diagnosed with a disease like cancer, it is normal to begin conducting research. Most people spend a lot of time researching … Continued

Approaches to Medicine in the East and the West

Traditional Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture are no longer confined to Asia but are now thriving parts of the international health care scene. The rapid spread of Eastern medicine has meant that many people in the West have interesting views of … Continued

Pinched Nerves: What Causes Them and Treatment Options

We invite you to schedule an appointment to visit our office if pinched nerves are causing you to suffer from pain. This is a common problem that can occur after being in an accident, suffering a trauma or even moving … Continued

Acupuncture For Pain: A Modern, Yet Ancient, Solution

Each year millions of Americans are finding that there are alternative remedies to their acute pain. One of the most common modalities that is being used is acupuncture for pain. This is because many patients no longer want to suffer … Continued