Approaches to Medicine in the East and the West

Traditional Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture are no longer confined to Asia but are now thriving parts of the international health care scene. The rapid spread of Eastern medicine has meant that many people in the West have interesting views of … Continued

Acupuncture For Pain: A Modern, Yet Ancient, Solution

Each year millions of Americans are finding that there are alternative remedies to their acute pain. One of the most common modalities that is being used is acupuncture for pain. This is because many patients no longer want to suffer … Continued

Why Athletes and Others Use Cupping Therapy

We often get calls from people wanting to learn more about cupping therapy to find out how it could be useful in improving their health or well-being. This is an ancient form of Chinese medicine and is incredibly effective for … Continued

How Traditional Chinese Medicine Can Improve Health

Traditional Chinese medicine can significantly improve a person’s health. These are ancient treatments that have been working well for centuries. Long before modern Western medicine was in place, people were using Chinese medicine to cure ailments like the common cold, … Continued

Fertility Acupuncture for Incredible Results

Fertility acupuncture can produce incredible results, namely becoming pregnant and having the ability to carry the baby to term. When most women want to have a baby, they immediately think of visiting an OB/GYN. While visiting an OB/GYN can be … Continued

Acupuncture For Cancer Patients is a Positive Way to Deal with Pain

Acupuncture for cancer patients can be a positive way to deal with pain that is brought on by the cancer itself or brought on by chemotherapy and radiation. Cancer is such a debilitating disease and is incredibly important to begin … Continued

Learn More About Acupuncture for Cancer Pain

Today, more and more people are beginning to ask questions about acupuncture for cancer pain. This is due to the fact that as modern medicine advances, professionals are beginning to discover that ancient methods, such as acupuncture, can actually help … Continued

Cancer Acupuncture: An Improvement to Patient Care

Cancer acupuncture may provide long-sought relief for cancer patients who otherwise have to be under a regiment of medications. Today, medical science is starting to accept the fact that the ancient Chinese art, known as acupuncture, may actually be a way to … Continued

East Meets West

OMM’s Founder and Director of the Complementary and Integrative Medicine Program at CHOC, Ruth McCarty presents East Meets West with CHOC’s Dr. Horvath at the National Symposium for Bone Marrow, Stem Cell and Cord Transplant Survivors.

The History and Benefits of Acupuncture For Pain Treatments

For millions of people around the world, getting acupuncture for pain is no longer a theoretical or exotic treatment method. The reality is that acupuncture has become extremely popular with patients, and it is also widely accepted among the medical … Continued